Our services

We conduct Public relations activities anywhere in Kerala. We have offices in 3 main cities in the district of Kerala- Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut. The services we provide are:

Media Strategy Planning
In the contemporary context of fast and furious competition, we've to plan precisely the right media strategies, at the right time to reach the right people! Our media planning experts have a very good rapport and profound knowledge about the media mix available. We help clients choose the most cost-efficient and accurate media mix at any point in time. Whether it's mass or niche media, we provide our clients with the best of Public Relations, always!

Press Conferences
We provide customized solutions to our clients, helping them enhance their media presence. We analyze the list of media and select the most suitable ones for them. We organise 'One on One' Interviews, Press Releases, Contributory Articles etc. We explore every opportunity to give clients the best media coverage. We build our client's business profile through credible and positive stories. Our Media Intelligence senses forthcoming stories about clients and informs them beforehand so that they can analyze the whole situation better and take accurate business decisions!

Corporate/Brand Image Management
Success often comes directly in proportion with the brand perception you've created. It impacts customers, shareholders, bankers, distributors and the media. It affects the sales and turnover of an organization. It can affect the evaluations about a company and its ability to obtain loans from banks. Why, it can even affect a company's ability to attract quality Human Resources! Creating a positive corporate image needs highly skillful long term planning. We help our clients achieve this. But even after achieving this an adversary or competing brand can still pull you down anytime. Now, how to respond to such critical situations can make a world of difference! Once again Accurate Media's expertise comes in handy, protecting our clients with perfect shielding strategy.

Brand Building
Today consumers are well informed about brands and market, the plus and minus of products and the infinite choices at their disposal. The more responsive we're to their requirements, the more we succeed! We help clients understand the consumer behavior and their mindset. Our experts plan and execute communication strategies accordingly in state-of-the-art Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) approach. IMC is of course the most effective, comprehensive and complete way to reach the right Target Groups and achieve the desired results in the contemporary context!

Media Tracking
We help our clients keep track of everything said or written about their company/brands in the traditional and social media. Whether it's Facebook or Twitter, blogs or print media or just anywhere, we keep them informed about all the news on a regular basis. And not just that, even more importantly we keep them updated with all the news about their competing brands and companies which in fact does them a world of good in making significant and accurate decisions ahead of the competition, always!

Online Promotions
Social Media plays a key role in today's online PR. It's only becoming even bigger and more inevitable day by day. Its power to connect business with consumers is just beyond imagination! We take the maximum mileage for our clients through Facebook, Twitter etc. interacting with their existing and new customers. We convert their first time customers into brand loyal repeat customers. We even create effective online virals for launching new products or enhancing the brand equity of our clients!

Film Promotions
We provide Public Relations at all stages of the film production, right from 'Muhurat' to release of the film. We've a very good rapport with all film journals, its editors and correspondents, film critics and all those who play a major role in the promotion of a movie. We create positive vibes about a movie, whether it's a big budget multi starrer or a small-time independent film. We work with the Social Media networks to achieve optimum results.


Publicity Campaigns
We've people with years of experience and expertise to create strategically targeted Publicity campaigns like Road Shows, Game Shows, Mall Stalls, Events at vantage Public/Commercial points and a lot more!


Event Management
Whether it's an award function or business conference, an entertainment or marketing event- right from the booking of venue, we provide the complete logistics and full support to clients in turning events into milestones!